Bonita Brunch!

Come on! We’ve already established that brunch is my favorite meal so how can I say no to a restaurant with ‘brunch’ literally in the name? The answer is, I can’t. And that’s how I wound up at this popular breakfast eatery.

I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for a while since I pass it on my way home EVERYDAY! It was just mocking me! So on my day off, after a small amount of begging, my husband and I set off for some breakfast deliciousness.

Located, you guessed it! – just off HWY 41, right before Bonita Beach Rd in Bonita Springs, this restaurant sits tucked away behind a series of buildings. Since it was a bright sunny day, we chose to sit outside in one of the five tables located on the sidewalk. The tables were pretty big and very accommodating.

Our waitress was not only well educated on the menu but polite and funny. She also made some great recommendations, which I always appreciate. We got orange juice to drink and can I just say how freaking good it was?!! Served in a tall chilled glass, the juice had no ice in it to water it down but was crisp and refreshing.

After perusing the many (seriously many) offerings on the menu, I opted for the banana pecan French toast because… well, do I really need a reason? They had seven different options for French toast and just as many variations of pancakes. The same went for benedicts and don’t even get me started on the combinations of omlettes!


My French toast was huge! They topped it with tons of ripe banana and crunchy pecans. My one complaint? They should have crushed the pecans instead of leaving them whole. It would have been easier to eat. Other than that, my eggs were cooked perfectly and the bacon was sweet and salty. They served my breakfast with real maple syrup, something else I appreciate, and it came quickly even though they were quite busy.


As you should know by now, my husband doesn’t eat eggs and therefore rarely eats breakfast, so he opted for the lunch menu. He ordered the Bleu Bacon Cheeseburger with a cup of housemade broccoli cheese soup, which, upon the recommendation of our server, he doused with tabasco. My husband said it was the best broccoli soup he’s ever had and while I’m not a fan of tabasco, even I can admit it was really good.


The burger was big enough that he didn’t finish it but came full of bleu cheese and lots of bacon. The food reeked of freshness and was tasty to boot! While none of it was out of this world, it was worth the visit and definitely a restaurant I plan on returning to.

So if breakfast is your jam 😉 -see how I did that? – then give Bonita Brunch a try. Like many breakfast joints, it’s only open until 3pm so plan ahead. They also get a lot of praise for their lunch menu, so feel free to fill your face with fabulous sandwiches, soups and salads.

26381 S Tamiami Trl, #140, Bonita Springs, FL 34134














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