First Watch

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite meal is, I don’t name a particular one. Instead, I simply say Brunch! There’s something about brunch that evokes happiness in people, especially women. Maybe it’s the mimosas or the fact that you can wake up late and still eat breakfast without being that person. Whatever the rhyme or reason, my Sundays are filled with the many prospects of brunch offerings here in Southwest Florida, so be prepared!

This past Sunday I chose one of my favorite breakfast spots near my house called First Watch. Before you say anything, I am aware that it is a chain, however, it doesn’t taste like one. This is NOT Perkins or Denny’s fare! The food served at First Watch is deliciously fresh and if you don’t believe me, check out my pictures. These have not been altered in anyway but clearly they highlight the beautiful food presented at this eatery.

I usually have juice with my breakfast but the iced coffee here is really good so I ordered that. It’s not too sweet but also not bitter and a tad creamy.


My husband needed to recharge from a long work week so he opted for the “Dayglow” concoction from their fresh juice bar. It consisted of orange juice, lemon juice, carrot juice and fresh ginger. It was crisp and refreshing.


For breakfast I chose something that is becoming increasingly popular – Avocado Toast. At First Watch they serve a heaping pile of ripe avocado, lightly seasoned with sea salt and lemon, on thick multigrain toast. It is served with 2 basted eggs which just means they are cooked in the oven instead of on a flat top.



While this is all ridiculously good, I like a little something sweet to go with my eggs, so I always order a blueberry pancake. Not only is it huge and fluffy, it’s also made with large fresh blueberries. The pancakes are served with fruit preserves, butter and real maple syrup. The menu lists the pancakes as multigrain and I know that may deter some of you from ordering it but believe me when I tell you, this pancake is amazing! And not just blueberry, they have banana nut, lemon ricotta and chocolate chip options too.


My husband is my opposite, not being a fan of breakfast due to his aversion to eggs. It’s difficult to order breakfast without eggs when more than half the menu consists of that very ingredient. The great thing about First Watch is their broad menu which offers soups, salads and sandwiches, all day long. He opted for the soup of the day – Italian Wedding and a half portion of the Chicken Chopped salad. Again the food not only looked great, it tasted fresh.

The menu is full of words like whole grain, chia seeds, power bowl and many other trendy euphemisms for “hippie food” but don’t let that influence or scare you. My sister who happens to be the antithesis of the health movement devoured her meal when she came with me.


I like this restaurant for many reasons, the main being the freshness of the food. I know I’ve repeated that word a lot in this entry but as a lover of food, it is not often enough that fresh ingredients are center stage. Also as a lover of avocado, it is rare to see such green ripe fruit (yes it’s a fruit) without chemicals or dark brown spots. Maybe that’s why I come back Sunday after Sunday to get my fill and I never leave feeling guilty either. Perhaps First Watch is on to something…

First Watch

22923 Lyden Drive
Estero, FL 33928

Ph: (239) 992-3447










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