DeRomo’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant

Burrata with prosciutto


Have you ever heard the term “simple is better”? It’s not only true, but it seems to be the motto at DeRomo’s restaurant. My husband Darren and I recently had a craving for really good Italian food and on the recommendation of our neighbors, we ventured the ten or so miles south to the swanky Promenade shopping center.

Before we entered the eatery, we perused around the quaint gourmet market attached to the large stone building. Inside we found an olive bar, charcuterie counter complete with hanging salami, a gorgeous bakery case and even a grab and go section for those in a hurry.

As expected, being a Friday night at 7pm, during the high season (we figured it was the perfect time to go to a wildly popular restaurant on a beautiful crisp Florida evening) the restaurant was filled to capacity but surprisingly we got a table on the expansive patio right away.

Our waiter, Ryan, approached us within minutes and thoughtfully went over the house specialties, including our first course – a fresh Burrata with prosciutto, beefsteak tomato and roasted peppers. Many times with mozzarella type cheeses, they turn rubbery or chewy but this cheese was soft and creamy, definitely reminiscent of an old tradition.

Our next courses consisted of Spaghetti and Meatballs, a classic dish that rarely gets its due, and Cheese Ravioli. The Spaghetti and Meatballs had me singing hallelujah as the clouds parted and the heavenly light shone down on this masterpiece of a dish. The pasta, made in house, of course, was perfectly al dente and thankfully not swimming in sauce. Sometimes, I think chefs over do it with the sauce and it easily overwhelms the beauty of the pasta. This, however, was the right proportion of sauce to pasta. The sauce itself had a nice acidity and wasn’t too salty, another mistake often made.


The Cheese Ravioli was ridiculously creamy and filled with herbs, served in a creamy tomato sauce. My husband ordered 2 meatballs to go with it, though he later realized that 1 meatball would have sufficed. “Nona’s meatballs” are not only huge but juicy and well seasoned.


As an avid lover of all things sweet, we had to have dessert. We ordered the Tiramisu which seems like a silly clichéd choice but when it’s done well it can be the most satisfying treat. And that’s exactly what we got, a satisfying treat. The mascarpone mousse was fluffy and light, complementing the lady fingers nicely. The espresso was subtle as was the use of Kahlua and the entire dessert had just a hint of cocoa. Much like the Spaghetti, Tiramisu is an often made dessert though it’s not always executed correctly.


Thankfully, at DeRomo’s, the food is not only authentic, but well made and full of flavor. If you’re in Florida on vacation or staying a little longer, stop by this local spot and indulge your Italian cravings!

26811 S Bay Dr, Ste 140Bonita Springs, FL 34134     

DeRomo’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant









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