Parrot Key Caribbean Grill



You know what’s better than good food? Good food outside on a breezy sunny day overlooking the water. And that’s what you get at Parrot Key Caribbean Grill. Located on the water, attached to Salty Sam’s boat tours, this restaurant transports you to an island paradise.

Per usual, since it’s the high season, the place was packed on a Sunday afternoon. The sun was hot, the Pelicans were feasting on the pier and the Jamaican drum music was causing the patrons to involuntarily sway from side to side. Waiters flocked around us, all carrying hurricane glasses filled with boozy concoctions. As expected, the bar was working at a crazy pace to fill their drink orders.

I ordered a pina colada and was happily met with actual alcohol, something many frozen drinks lack. It was so good that I ordered another one before our meal even arrived. My husband ordered a draft beer and at $7 and $3 respectively, the prices for cocktails could not be beat!

The menu was filled with mostly seafood items, though, they throw in a steak and a burger for the non fish lovers. I got the Key West Shrimp for my entrée. It consisted of 8 pretty decent size Key West shrimp, sautéed in a lemon and garlic butter sauce that they topped off with hot sauce. The result was a spicy, though not too spicy, liquid that drenched the shrimp, who in turn soaked up the flavors beautifully.



My husband ordered the Maui Flat Iron which I must say was amazingly tender. Flat Iron is not an easy cut of meat to work with. It can be tough and grisly but his was succulent and juicy and clearly had been marinated for a long time. Both entrees were served with vegetables and either rice or potatoes. While the rice was good, the mashed potatoes were phenomenal! Each entrée was around $20 which isn’t too bad considering we got steak and seafood.

All in all, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is a good value with a terrific location. If you want to spend some time by the water, relax, kick back a few cold ones and waste the day away island style, then this is the spot to go to!

Parrot Key

2500 Main Street,

Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Phone. 239-463-3257






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