Chops City Grill


This is a random side note because I know most people would think I would be writing about steak, considering Chops is a highly respected steakhouse but instead I decided to feature a true gem on their menu instead.

You may not know this but I am a huge fan of all things avocado and mango and tuna and yuzu. All of those ingredients are highlighted in this delicious creation. What happens when you pair raw sushi grade tuna  with a citrus marinade, add creamy avocado, lump crabmeat and top it off with fish roe? Absolute and utter food porn in your mouth.

When I first tried this dish, I was intrigued by the combination of ingredients. It sounded like a romantic version of ceviche or a recipe that I would find in Japanese cookbook but regardless of its origins, the flavors work in true harmony. The acid from the yuzu marinade brings the meaty tuna to life. The mango, avocado and crab meat work nicely together, rounding out the Asian tones.

It may seem weird to some but please believe me when I say this is a ridiculously delicious dish and should be sampled on your next visit to Chops!

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